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Back in the day...


when you needed help determining where to drill a new water well, you turned to water dowsers, diviners or water witchers to find water. Due to luck, intuition or just random selection you may or may not find water using this method and unfortunately, there is no science to back-up this method of finding groundwater.


Today, using modern science and technology we can help you take the guess work out of determining where to drill for water. Using proven science and technology based on sound geophysical and hydrological principals we can help you find the water you need.     


  • To help you pinpoint a drilling location on your property that will provide you with the water you need. Now you will tell your driller where to drill not the other way around. This is because AquaSearch will provide you with the information you need to be successful. 


  • For your peace of mind before you buy property to ensure you will have the water you need.


  • Drilling a new water well is a big investment $10,000 - $15,000 + ... if you cannot afford to risk your investment on a dry well or low yielding well then act now and call AquaSearch today at 800-741-2816.

  • Already drilled one or more dry wells or with little to no water and now need help to know where to drill to have the water you need. 

  • Do your homework before you start drilling and never drill a new water well blindly.


  • AquaSearch can give you the peace of mind you need to drill successfully and have the water you need.  

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Ready to Find Your Water