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AquaSearch principal and operator, Mark Purington has worked in the geotechnical field for over 30 years. Primarily in the oil and gas exploration and mining sector with British Petroleum, Mobil Oil, Sunoco and Standard Oil of Ohio. In 2013 Mark was officially trained and certified by AquaLocate in Mineral Wells, Texas on the GF6 Seismoelectric groundwater survey system for detecting groundwater. For the past six years Mark has been conducting geophysical groundwater exploration surveys both here in the U.S. and internationally. In Kenya and Tanzania, located in East Africa where seismoelectric technology and fracture trace mapping has never been used, Mark has been instrumental in the production of over 5 million liters of water a day.  Mark has consulted for private land owners, governments, NGOs and charitable organizations worldwide. Our typical client calls us after they have drilled one to two dry wells or low producing wells and now are at a loss about what to do next. This is after they have spent a considerable amount of money on drilling with little to no water to show for it.  Mark has the knowledge and expertise to help you find the water you need for your new water well!