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Question:  Where does AquaSearch operate?

Answer:  AquaSearch is a mobile service that is equipped to come to you to find the water you need anywhere in the U.S. We are ready to mobilize anytime we are needed.  In addition, we can perform groundwater surveys internationally for clients overseas who need water.

Question:  How much does it cost to do a groundwater survey?

Answer:  It all depend on the size of your property and where the property is located.  Because of this, each survey is different, and the cost can vary from one location to another.  We do offer a free phone consultation to help determine the feasibility and cost of conducting a groundwater survey at your property. Please feel free to call us

at  800 - 741 - 2816  to determine the cost of surveying your property for groundwater so you will have the water you need.


Question:  We are ready to drill a new water well...when should we contact AquaSearch?


Answer:  The best time is before you start drilling to avoid drilling a dry well or low producing well.


Question:  Why should we spend funds on a groundwater survey...can't we just start drilling?


Answer:  You certainly can just go ahead and just start drilling...many people have done just this and consequently engage AquaSearch after they have spent a large sum of money drilling water wells that do not produce any water or very little water.  We are seeing a lot more customers due to the high cost of drilling today who contact AquaSearch before they start drilling and have been successful and now have the water they need to build and develop their property.

Question:  We used dowsing/witching/divining and encountered no water when we drilled. Can AquaSearch provide better results when we drill? 

Answer:  The technology we use to help you find water is scientifically based and will help you avoid the problems with using these methods that are not scientifically based. 


Question:  Are there any specific conditions at a site where AquaSearch cannot provide a survey?


Answer:  Our system works best when surface conditions are made up of native unobstructed surface material.  For our purpose, "native unobstructed surface material" means any combination of undisturbed sand, clay, and/or silt combined generally with less than 30% rock material.  Our equipment has been used to successfully locate groundwater in conditions that do not meet these standards however; quality data collection on-site can be much more difficult.

Question:  We are looking at some property to build a second home...should we have AquaSearch complete a groundwater survey before we purchase the property?

Answer:  If the property is not in an area where there is a recorded history of good producing wells, and need a specific amount of water to develop the property with the vision you have in mind, then it would likely be a wise investment to have a water well location survey completed before you commit to the purchase.  As an option, you can write in a successful water well location survey as a contingency on the purchase agreement. This will protect you if you find there is no water and cannot develop the property. We highly recommend that you do not commit to a very substantial purchase on a piece of property until before you know it will provide the critical water resource you will need.  It’s better to spend some funds up front before you purchase property that might not meet your needs.

Question: We are ready to start drilling and have a location where we are going to drill...can AquaSearch come and confirm we will have water before we start drilling?

Answer: Yes we can, and would highly recommend doing this before you start drilling. You could potentially save a lot of money by not drilling a dry hole or low producing well. 


Question:  How long does it take to perform a Fracture Trace Analysis on a property?

Answer:  Depending on our workload, generally 1 - 2 weeks.

Question:  How long does it take to do an on-site groundwater survey?

Answer:  It typically takes 1 - 2 days on-site to complete a survey. Larger properties may require more time.

Question:  Can you tell me if I have water on the day of the groundwater survey?


Answer:  On the day we do the groundwater survey we are just collecting and capturing data from the soundings in real-time on a laptop computer.  We can typically see indications of groundwater when we are on-site, but information regarding depth and yield can only be made after processing all the data collected in the field back in our office.  We avoid any type of field interpretation for the client because the process we are doing in the field is only half of what we are doing to give our clients the most accurate scenario of their groundwater potential.  


Question:  How long does it take to get the final results?


Answer:  Depending on our workload, it can take 2 - 3 weeks to provide a final report for a client.  We can expedite (7 business days) the report for an additional fee as an option when time is of the essence.


Question:  Are there any other geophysical methods used to help locate groundwater?


Answer:  There are quite a few geophysical methods that have been used in locating groundwater. The method AquaSearch uses is currently the only method that obtains its signal directly from the movement of groundwater and gives unambiguous aquifer depth and thickness details.  Additionally, it is the only method that can provide you with approximate yield estimates that are derived directly from the signal we record.  Most of the methods that have been used in the past have significant limitations, including; poor depth resolution, inability to provide reasonably accurate yield estimates, and high cost just to name a few.


Question:  Do you offer any guarantee about finding water after a survey?


Answer:  Either your property has groundwater, or it does not.  It’s as simple as that.  Our equipment cannot find water if it does not exist.  Now if your property has water, we can detect it and acquire an image or snapshot that will show the approximate depth, thickness and yield of the aquifer below your property.  In our process to find water we will use every tool we can for success.  Our methods greatly enhance the potential for success and go way beyond drilling a well that has not employed our services!