Fractures Traces are conduits for groundwater and should be considered in locating where to drill new wells for groundwater. 

A Recent Fracture Trace Analysis For a Client's Property

Near Del Norte, Colorado

We recently started working with a new client that was interested in purchasing 36 beautiful acres near Del Norte, in southwest Colorado. One of their main concerns in buying the property was water, because they eventually wanted to build a summer home. The property they were interested in did not have a municipal water supply so drilling a new water well on this property was their only real option.


Finding the best location to drill a new well that will provide the water they needed and with the best possible yield on this big of a property can be a challenge and costly. One route we could have taken (and would be the more costly option) was to do a sounding on each acre and then process all the data from the soundings to pinpoint where the best indicators for groundwater were. Once we able to locate this area we would still need to return to the property and do additional soundings in a more concentrated or tighter pattern to confirm a potential drilling site that would produce the water they needed. This direction would have taken a lot of time and time is money.

Instead we advised the client that a fracture trace analysis could help pinpoint where there could be potential groundwater on their property. This approach was much more effective, economical and did less environmental damage to their property.  By using a fracture trace analysis, we were able conduct soundings in a two-acre area instead of 36 acres. All of this was accomplished in a shorter period and with less soundings which reduced the survey cost to the client. In the end, AquaSearch was able to pinpoint several drilling locations (one was near where the client wanted to build) with a high potential for groundwater and good yields.


From the final groundwater survey, AquaSearch was able to provide the client with information about approximately how deep they would need to drill to encounter groundwater, the thickness of the aquifer and the potential yield if a well was drilled. After completing the fracture trace analysis and the seismoelectric groundwater survey our client was confident that they would have the water they needed and proceeded with closing on the property.

Using the AquaSearch groundwater detection method and technology is better than drilling a dry hole or drilling a well that produces little to no water. It’s the equivalent to drilling a test well on your property but without having to pay for bringing in a big drilling rig and support vehicles. This method saves you money, is faster and is less damaging to your property.


Fracture Trace and Seismic Survey Map

Near Del Norte, Colorado

Del Norte FTA Sample Map (2).png

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Cross-Section of a Typical Fracture Trace Zone

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