AquaSearch Locates Another Successful Drilling Location for a Client Near Del Norte, Colorado

Updated: Aug 10

Using AquaLocate’s advanced GF6 seismoelectric technology for the geophysical on-the-ground site survey, AquaSearch was able to confirm a drilling location that would produce water. The new well was drilled to 325 feet and produces 15 gallons of fresh water a minute or 900 gallons per hour.

The well was drilled in a fracture zone that was identified and mapped using a fracture trace analysis. The fracture trace analysis subatainully reduced the cost of the seismoelectric on-the-ground site survey because AquaSearch knew where to apply this technology. Instead of hunting for groundwater over a large 36-acre property AquaSearch only had to survey an area about 2 acres.

The client hired AquaSearch before closing on this property and was smart enough to include a stipulation in the purchase contract that allowed them to back out of the contract if AquaSearch was not able to confirm there would be water when they drilled a well.

AquaSearch has the technology and experience to help you find the water you need for your rural or mountain property in Colorado.

Are you ready to find your water…call AquaSearch today at 800-741-2816?

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