New Successful Water Well Drilled Near Aquilar, Colorado after Seismoelectric Groundwater Survey

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

In August 2017, AquaSearch conducted a Seismoelectric groundwater survey for a client on their 35 acre property near Aquilar, Colorado. The client planned to eventually build a summer home on the property but needed a good source of water. The findings of the groundwater survey confirmed potential groundwater for the client and the approximate drilling depth and yield if a well was drilled. Two years later the site AquaSearch recommended was drilled successfully and with a yield that was predicted for the client. As there is no municipal water source in the area a water well was the only real option for a water. AquaSearch has the technology and experience to help you find the water you need on your mountain or rural property in Colorado. Call us today at 800-741-2816 to find your water.

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